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Northeast Cork Bark

Bulk Cork Bark Chunks

Bulk Cork Bark Chunks

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Product Description

Create a natural and well-enriched habitat for your reptiles, amphibians, isopods, invertebrates, and more with our natural cork bark chunks! Hand-selected from premium-quality, all-natural cork, these versatile products cater specifically to the needs of a variety of pets.

Whether you're setting up a bioactive vivarium for reptiles, amphibians, isopods, tarantulas, invertebrates, or other pets, cork bark chunks are perfect for creating hides and a natural environment for your pets to thrive. These pieces are particularly great for isopods and other small species, and are also ideal for creating natural backgrounds. Our hand-selected, premium-quality, all-natural, and heat-treated cork bark is ideal for a wide range of pets and habitats.

Plant enthusiasts will also find a variety of incredible uses for cork bark chunks such as creating planters or mounts for tillandsias (air plants), orchids, bromeliads, and more. Our cork bark rounds/flats can also be used to create stunning displays that highlight and further complement the beautiful combination of natural elements.

Choose sustainability and create a natural habitat for your pets with our eco-friendly cork bark chunks. Enhance and enrich their living space with cork bark and watch them thrive in an environment they'll love. Order your own cork bark chunks from Northeast Cork Bark  today!

Key Features

  • Hand-selected from premium-quality, all-natural cork bark.
  • Heat-treated & hand-cleaned for your pet’s well-being and for your peace of mind.
  • Perfect for enhancing bioactive vivariums, terrariums, & other enclosures in a naturalistic way.
  • Contributes to the overall well-being of reptiles, amphibians, isopods, and invertebrates.
  • Great for mounting tillandsias (air plants), orchids, bromeliads, and more.
  • Responsibly & sustainably harvested, our cork bark is an eco-friendly choice.
  • Convenient bulk box sizes: 5lbs, 10lbs, and 20lbs, tailored to your needs.

Bulk Premium Cork Bark : Size Guide

*Please Note* "Bulk Cork Bark Chunks" are 100% natural, and each piece will be entirely unique, varying in size, shape, and color.
Northeast Cork Bark's "Bulk Cork Bark Chunks" are packed within 1" of the size parameters outlined below to accommodate for varying thickness of any given piece.

5lb Bulk Box Cork Bark Chunks : 1" - 4" Width, 1" - 4" Length
10lb Bulk Box Cork Bark Chunks : 1" - 4" Width, 1" - 4" Length
20lb Bulk Box Cork Bark Chunks : 1" - 4" Width, 1" - 4" Length

For Custom Orders and Special Requests, please contact us at (401) 735-2365 or during regular business hours, or you can also visit our Contact Page to leave us a message. One of our representatives will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible (Monday - Friday 10AM-4PM EST).

Wholesale Pricing & Information

Apply for a Wholesale Account with us to receive discounted pricing & tier-based bulk discounts, personalized fulfillment solutions, recurring order schedules & billing, and be the first to know important information regarding new products, product availability, & more!

To apply for a wholesale account, please visit Apply for a Wholesale Account, or visit our Contact Us page to reach out for additional information or any questions you may have.

Shipping & Exchange Policies

All orders less than a total weight of 110lbs will ship via our standard flat rate shipping (typically 3-5 business days). For orders over a total of 110lbs, please contact us directly via our Contact Page for a custom freight quote and/or a personalized fulfillment solution.

For additional information regarding our Shipping & Refund/Exchange Policies, please visit Shipping Policy for information regarding our shipping policy, and Refund & Exchange Policy for information regarding our refund & exchange policy.

At Northeast Cork Bark, we always want to go the extra mile to make doing business with us as easy and beneficial as possible for you, our customers. Do not hesitate to reach us via our Contact Us page during regular business hours (Monday - Friday 10AM-4PM EST) for additional information or any questions you may have.